Letters to the next generations

Seemed like a suitable title for a new category, a place to hold my sage thoughts, wisdoms, and even random notes, born from my experiences in business, life, and love

Perhaps with time they can be grouped into sub headings, sub sub headings, with tags and keywords, and annotations by learned readers or critics

It is not easy to accept criticism – but easy, too easy, to give it.
My father never criticised my actions, at least not to my face, but I always knew it was time to stop and think, if he said “are you sure you know what you are doing?”
How we handle criticism of any type, is an excellent indicator of our maturity, and our ability to learn, but criticism should never be a teaching tool. A little sage counselling, appropriate questions, suggestions, and guidance towards considerations that may have been overlooked, dispensed with patience and enthusiasm, is my preferred tool for this application.

Be careful though, as this can appear to be overt manipulation if handled clumsily


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