Waiting for Godot

Here I am again, another airline terminal, waiting, waiting, waiting, as once more my flight is delayed.
It is cold here of course, these places are too big to heat or cool unless you have an oilfield outside, so I casually look around, and optimism withers and dies, nobody is looking to share body heat with me any time soon

Of course, I am almost anal about being early, arriving with plenty of time, to allow for some delay on my part, or some obstruction from an over authorative official, even some problem with traffic, or as happened one day, an overheating taxi, that arrived at the terminal too late.
But today salivating with anticipation, I almost galloped to the checkin counter, as it opened, to be advised that unfortunately, my flight has been delayed sir, nothing we can do sir, all other flights are full sire, three bags full sir, go away and wait.

Yes, I could stay at home

Who was Godot, by the way?


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